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  1. vmgtch

    closed Closed

  2. D

    external Teaching English Website

    Established Teaching English Website AHREF 40+ 950 Page Wordpress Website Spent £30k-£50k developing Facebook - 10k followers Instagram - 3.7k followers Twitter - 1.2k followers LinkedIn - 1.2k followers Youtube - 27 videos - 222 Followers URL: lse.uk.net Offers accepted
  3. Jeffreyw

    closed Closed.

  4. C

    Looking to sell my website classmate4u.com

    Hi, there I want to sell my website classmate4u.com. Classmate4u is an online platform which endeavors to furnish information on a wide range of topics. You encounter various things daily but possess limited or no information on the same. This is where we come to help you. We prominently cover...
  5. vmgtch

    closed CLOSED

  6. Sara

    auctions EasyTopicMaps.Com - Domain and Content, Trusted and Established Since 2001

    A domain name that lends itself to many topics, EasyTopicMaps was registered in 2001, and is very well connected: Total Backlinks: 1.4K Unique domains : 132 Indexed URLs: 90 Citation Flow: 27 Trust Flow: 12 Class C IPs: 122 This is available for quick sale, which includes the website...
  7. Joeypops

    auctions MTV STAR OWNED News Website for sale Splixa.com w/882 subscribers 5k uniques/m

    Hi everyone, My name is Joey Pappas I started Splixa.com with idea of becoming a big media outlet. I had the fight and the urge. I mean all people do now of days is go online to check the news or some crazy video so I combined them both. I will help advertise this website on my social media...
  8. Namekart

    developed 5 Wallpaper websites for sell

    List of websites for Sell: 1. Backgroundwallpaperpics.com has 3874 Published Posts 2. Bestdogbreeds.net has 3140 posts 3. Itsyourhairstyle.com has 3439 posts 4. Plutobeauty.com has 9797 posts 5. Tattooideastrend.com has 4342 posts I have been running these sites for a long time but I needs fund...
  9. Solcatalyst

    auctions 20 minutes to go! VIDEO-PROXY.COM LOW BIN!!

    VIDEO-PROXY.COM Reserve: $3,000 BIN: $3,500 20 minutes left! BUY NOW before bidders hit the BUY NOW! https://flippa.com/5608133-video-proxy-site-earns-50-100-mo-450-000-schs-pk-alexa-3-200-page-1-serpVIDEO-PROXY.COM
  10. Solcatalyst

    developed video-proxy.com 3-5000 uniques daily

    video-proxy.com 450,000 global searches/month Ranking on page one for several keywords -video proxy -video-proxy -vid proxy -proxy video Alexa Rank: under 250,000 global 2,500 Pakistan Site earns between $50-80/month Earnings will easily reach $300+ monthly with stronger monetization. I...
  11. vmgtch

    closed CLOSED

  12. Valentino1124

    auctions InfoImagez.com: 20+ Info Graphics Pack & BONUSES ! - Downloadable Product ! **

    View InfoImagez.com on Auction Now : https://flippa.com/5169617-no-reserve-20-info-graphics-pack-bonuses-downloadable-product **No Reserve !**: 20+ Info Graphics Pack & BONUSES ! - Downloadable Product ! ** With this package of 20+ graphic designs plus a bonus package of 3 customizable...
  13. ivansy86

    developed Onlinepiceditor.com Web Based Picture Editor For Sale

    OnlinePicEditor.com Developed website for sale. Adsense ready Comparable sales: picturecanvas.com $ 9,000 framepictures.com $ 6,000 picturedeveloping.com $ 4,040 photoeditor.com $5,000 piceditor.com $15,000 Massive potential. Ability to upload and edit picture directly from you...
  14. MikeinFlorida

    developed Cellulartelephones.net Developed And Easy To Add Free Content

    CellularTelephones.net is a fully developed website and is for sale. The platform has a system that will be included with the sale that makes it easy to add new content to this wordpress site for free. The site has been online for almost a year and is growing an audience. If you are serious and...
  15. trips262

    developed Pr2 Tech Blog For Sale

    TheRealDigital.com Developed Site. No Revenue. New Startup. PR2 Site for sale. Godaddy Push with Paypal. Please let me know your offer price. Thanks
  16. A

    developed Brandable Developed Webiste For Sale

    Hi I have a few domains / websites which i thought you might be interested in. www.adored.co.uk - website - dropshipping - It's developed in a Megento - We have 2500 newsletter subscribers - 1977 Followers on Facebook - 733 Followers on Twitter - Avg 1000 unique visitors a month - Dannii...
  17. trips262

    developed Technocrunch.in Pr2 Developed Site For Sale

    The following website is for sale: Technocrunch.in PR2 It has around 728 unique visitors in the last 3 months with which is 1461 page views. View data below It runs on the Wordpress which it currently has 45 unique articles related to different sectors, major moves around technology by...
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