developed â˜…★★★ SERVER CLEARANCE: 30 well-AGED sites (2002-2007) ★★★★

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Jul 21, 2004
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Required server clearance forces sales. Taking offers on these established and well-aged sites.

Many great names - several good niches, including: Harry Potter, Bollywood, arts and crafts, money, fishing, movies, politics, kids, computers, sports, Los Angeles, Adsense, health, food, recipes, cuisine, Michael Jackson, Open Source, scripts, news, religious, affiliate marketing, Amazon, stores, shops, dating, seduction, Playstation, gaming, podcasting, Zune, marketing, credit, loans, eBay, New Age, shamanism, live TV, women, business, etc. etc. !

All are monetized and have traffic, but I do not have time right now to dig up the details - so for present purposes you are welcome to assume none, and the low BIN prices reflect that.

Sites are also sold strictly as-is.

PLEASE NOTE: I do not want the website stats to show hits from this forum, or backlinks from this thread to show in the search engines, so have obfuscated the URLs (change the "DOT" to a "."). Therefore, please do not post the URLs in the thread! Thanks. You can find a clickable list here instead

  1. adumbledoreDOTinfo, established 2007 $25
  2. bollywoodapparelDOTcom, established 2007 $75
  3. craftforfoodDOTcom, established 2007 PR1 $95
  4. forthemillionaireDOTcom, established 2007 (custom logo, premium theme) $85
  5. gofishingwebDOTcom, established 2007 $110
  6. goingmoviesDOTcom, established 2007 $85
  7. hgrangerDOTinfo, established 2007 $25
  8. jedwardsDOTinfo, established 2007 PR1 $55
  9. kidsafepcDOTcom, established 2007 $85
  10. losangelesfansDOTcom, domain registered 2004 (new site) PR1 (great name!) $250
  11. maximizeadsenseprofitsDOTcom, established 2007 $45
  12. mesotheliomaawardsDOTcom, PR1, established 2007 $120
  13. mexicanfeelDOTcom, established 2007 (Mexican cuisine/recipe site) PR1 $155
  14. michaeljacksonforumsDOTcom, domain registered 2006 (newer site) PR1 (top name) $210
  15. opensourcethisDOTcom, established 2007 PR1 (3,810 pages indexed) $120
  16. passionofthechristDOTws, established 2004 PR1 $95 (includes free version of AOM script)
  17. playerlifestyleDOTnet, established 2007 $35
  18. playstationsiteDOTcom, established 2007 (good name) $150
  19. podcastzuneDOTcom, established 2006 $45
  20. podflickerDOTcom, established 2007 $45
  21. potterportalDOTcom, established 2003 (good name) (1-page affiliate frameset site) $80
  22. pottertriviaDOTus, established 2007 $45
  23. rweasleyDOTinfo, established 2007 $25
  24. sitemarketingDOTus, established 2006 $35
  25. theloanshedDOTcom, established 2006 $80
  26. wackyebayDOTcom, established 2007 $95
  27. walkingthunderDOTinfo, established 2002 PR2 $225
  28. watchlivetvDOTinfo, established 2007 (recently redone) $115
  29. womenshealthweblogDOTcom, established 2007 $45
  30. yahioiDOTcom, established 2006 $120


Please do a WHOIS lookup to determine the domain registrar and expiry date (most domains are at GoDaddy, or a WWD reseller, but be sure to check). Also please use your favorite tool to check PR, as it might have changed since I compiled this list, AND I might have neglected to mention every site's PR.

The domain will be pushed for free to your account at the current registrar. I do not provide web hosting and do not have time to migrate the site for you, so will provide you with cPanel/FTP access so you can move the website to your own webhosting yourself asap (7 days max).

Please post SOLD to claim at the posted BIN and send PayPal payment without delay. Strictly first-come, first-served and I reserve the right to sell to the next guy if there's undue delay in paying.

Please note, as a rule, I only accept payment via a verified PayPal account from available funds (i.e. no credit card or check-funded/eCheck payments). Exceptions may be considered for long-standing respected members.

Other Terms: Perform your due diligence. Perform a WHOIS search/use your favorite domain tool for registrar, age, PR, etc. Sold As-Is, Where-Is, No Warranties. E&OE. I reserve the right not to sell. Full Terms here.



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Jul 21, 2004
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These sites have now been SOLD:

I also have a HUGE sale of 179 websites going on over here - have a look! :)
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