developed â˜… Facebook Application "31337" Mmorpg Script ★ $250 For First 5 Buyers!

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Jun 15, 2003
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Welcome to Facebook Application Script Sale!

The script is fully Customizable! Add/Edit/Delete Items, Graphics, Icons As You Like!

Winner will get a Personal Usage License and Website Live in Facebook!

Checkout this demo of an application that we have built from the script!


Script demo location: Uber Nerds on Facebook

What's So Special?

- $uper Rewards integrated! Refill your account with Super Rewards, and even by PayPal. Check it out here!

- Fresh new theme with very unique graphics! Not those mafia/robots theme again!

- Fast near-instant loading! Iframed, and not FBML!

- Optional full email notifications on every actions your users create!
Check it out here!

- Admin panel build-in ready for Full total control!

You may even built the application outside of facebook, as a stand-alone website RPG! A seperate configuration file will be included!

- Fun and creative story line! Makes you chase and wonder what will happen next!

- Complete 24 pages of full detailed application manual with beautiful screen shots to explain everything! Get a feel of it here!

Script Features:

Application name customizable!
Able to support Multiple languages! (French, Greek, Italian, Spanish, Chinese, English, etc!)
Multiple facebook tabs
Fully functional GM Tools (admin panel)
Character stats with Name, Level, HP, MP, AP, SP
Cubics Ads (Turned off right now for aesthetic appearance in demo)

Multiple tab functions (Home, Action, Shop, Character, Party, Duel, Meta, GM Tools)

1. Home
The “Home” screen provides a short overview of the current character status and another tab for the in-game message box. (Players can send each other messages that will show up in the message box.)

2. Action
The “Action” screen is where the actual game happens. It usually consists of a general Zone description (detailing where the character is with a text and image element) and a list of possible Actions that the character can perform in the given Zone.

3. Shop
In the “Shop”, items can be bought and sold. It also has a player-to-player market that people love to use.

4. Character
On the “Character” screen, detailed information about the character's status, abilities, spells, accomplishments and items can be viewed.

5. Party
The players can invite their friends to join their adventuring party. On the “Party” screen, all friends who joined are displayed in two categories. One is called “Everybody” and the other “Combat Team”. A player can move up to six of her friends into the “My Combat Team” category. Certain Actions are performed not only by the player's character itself but as a group action with the whole team.

6. Duel
On the “Duel” screen, people can meet other player characters in battle for money and fame.

7. Meta
In the “Meta” area, people can give feedback and view the Frequently Asked Questions. It also has the highscore system, FAQ, and $uper Rewards integrated!

8. GM Tools
Any user of the type “GM” (Game Master) has an additional option in the game's menu called “GM Tools”. GM Tools contain everything needed to create and administer the content of the game. Since all content is stored in the game's database, it is conceivable to perform the same functions via a database management console, such as MySQL.

Rockyou ads (Turned on)
Application About Page
Contact page

4 Mainstream of Incomes!
RockYou! Ads

What is $uper Rewards?

It allow application owners to maximise their revenue by offering CPA offers in the application! Every CPA offers your users complete, the application owner will receive revenue share! Why do users want to complete CPA offers? To get special items in the application of course! Users can now refill their "Cheat Points" balance by either completing CPA offers or simply refill their account with PayPal, which is a feature inside the system as well!

How will I get the item?

The Complete Facebook PHP script will be shipped in a CD to your address! It will run on any linux webhosting with mysql and php5 support. Auction winner will receive a personal license of our Massive Income Generating Facebook Application Script. This is not the ordinary small applications you see. This one is HUGE. There are 692 files, with a total size of 21.6mb and the codes are built with top PHP complex engine. It is built by a team of topnotch programmers, and we have used a total of 65 days to built it. I am serious. You will get the full script we used to built Uber Nerds, and you will get a fresh start!

Summary of what the buyer of this sale will receive:

1. Personal usage license to Facebook Application Script to create one Facebook MMORPG Game (Just like the demo!)
2. Customization rights (Add/edit/delete items, images, and codes at your preference!)
3. Full support! (Installation of application and $uper Rewards. FREE installation and you will get the website LIVE!)
4. All graphics, quests, shop items, database tables included to give you an easy head start!
5. Full unencrypted PHP source code, with complete detailed 24 pages script manual!

5 >>> 4 slots available @ $250

Then +$25 for another 5 slots

Checkout here: Paypal Checkout Link
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Level 10
Jun 15, 2003
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Update 25.12.09

One slot has been claimed. Payment received, and script has been delivered for Jonathan!

5 >>> 4 slots available @ $250

Then +$25 for another 5 slots
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