022.ca NNN Website Included Word LLLL .ca Aged Domain Name .com Sale

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Feb 8, 2012
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ASKING $100 OBO Limited Time only

Very Rare 022.ca Its easy to remember https://www.022.ca

Estibot Valued: $1200.00

Epik Valued: $3000.00

  • Domain name , including website php scripts for sale.
  • $0 Hosting Fees, Free Hosting for Life
  • Free push to any godaddy account.
  • The only Amount you OWE is this Ebay Winning Price
  • I will set up the website for free (I will create a hosting account, i will upload the website there and run the database scripts, make it work as its working now.)- Everything for FREE
  • No Hosting Experience required.
You can use this website for shortening your long urls for your business or generate revenue from google adsense by getting users to your website.
Go to website www.022.ca to see how it looks

click https://022.ca/ebay to redirect to this listing

NNN Domains are very rare, even without a website this Domain name is rare. www.022.ca (Easy to remember and highly brandable)
"Currently its hosted for FREE for lifetime , i can provide the information where you can host it for free for life time"

Godaddy Registered until 12/30/2012

022.cais a very rare NNN.ca,valued domain

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Registrar: Godaddy Domain Name: 022.ca

Expires on: 30-December-2012 "022: is a google suggest keyword and its often searched keyword.

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