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Jun 14, 2006
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below please find 14 sites for sale. Please read complete ad as many details will be answered there. $25
neat custom soda/coke classifed site. Advertising collectors are often consumed by the stuff. Should be an easy niche to find and populate with specials. $25
Perhaps long but it is the term. A couple of restraurants are named this, so there could be an end user sale. 4 star ads should pay decent for clicks. $25
this domain is 5 years old. You do not get the website, but I assume the provider is still taking signups. The name and age is value here. After 5 years I have to assume I will just not get to this name...... $25
very well known term for a fairly large but niche group. the site is a large social networking site, geared towards dating, but most can be changed via admin. $35
1300 games added, name many might remember from youth. Easy to add games, adcade sites have been one of the best earners I've seen for effort. $19
template is free, mostly buy a very brandable name, and honestly may keep it. the current site is set up to add links to tutorials, instead of creating or buying them. $25
nice name, script is from The site is ad ready, with results pulling from all the web. $30
auction selling kit and tools, can sell the products at whatever price you want. $45
huge site of cheats, should be pretty sticky. $30
very easy to remember name in a niche bigger than you would think $30
a real good name. This could be a real traffic builder, if you wanted to make it a real survey review site or the like, not many good ones out there. $25
older name with PR1. The software wasn't working great for me the other day so I decided not to keep it. The site did make a couple of $37 sales over the last year, but traffic isn't much. $25
good brandable name to list all your sites and names, post ads and allow others to sell their sites and services (for a fee). $25 (godaddy)
traffic keeps growing and I just no longer want it, that said its a good name it sure gets more traffic than any other site I have. traffic of late has been about 40 uniques a day.

All names are at enom, save the last one. Sites are new and built to sale, save a couple, thus the prices, which means so sales or traffic to speak of. Will consider offers of 60% in bulk, and 80% in smaller groups, please read I said consider, BIN is as listed. Will help in transfer if buying more than one site and is Cpanel based, (save the two games sites, they are big!)

after paypal payment will push to your enom account (or godaddy for proxy) and send FTP data, unless we agree to something else prior to purchase.

Please ask any questions you might have prior to posting sold.
Thanks for looking.
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