2 Big developed sites against a low quality LLL: HotelFaster.com & PhotoGalleries.org

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Aug 13, 2002
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We're not in the website development industry so we need to part with these nice sites that we've no time/interest to follow but, as you can easily check, they would work well if you wish to promote them (multiple free ways to do that: searchengines, directories, forums, social networks and much more ...).

We offer 2 high quality turnkey websites with a strong money making potential and first quality unlimited content taken from multiple external sources:

1. PhotoGalleries.org
A big image searchengine with over 5 Billion images taken directly from Flickr of whom we're using the API.
You've 2 diff. ad spaces shown at the top of the page and on the left side of all search results so you can moneetize by AdSense, affiliate programs or your own sponsors.
You can use an "Ad rotator" script to monetize from multiple sources.
It's not using a CMS but an user friendly admin panel designed just for us from whom you can enter any tag to show your desired ads.
Apart us, nobody else owns this same website structure and we'll not resell it again to anyone else for sure, it's not part of our activity as mentioned above.

2. HotelFaster.com
Tons of things can be done through this portal: your visitors can book hotels, flights, hire cars and getting travel deals to go almost anywhere around the world. The website will appear in their mother tongue.
The main supplier of this content is hotelscombined.com but the developer has also implemented the "White label" of dohop.com

Visitors can also search for coupons made available by icodes-us.com
You'll get all the associated accounts, you'll only need to replace ownership details with yours to take full possess over them.

We've tested hotelsfaster some months back by redirecting some targeted traffic to the main hotelfaster just to see if it was really working and we made $37 (before quitting the project).
The revenue has never been cashed so you'll find it in your affiliate account balance as an additional free gift.

We've no additional info about hotelsfaster.com (acquired by a third party) while photogalleries.org has been developed just for us.
We'll give you access to all related accounts, both sites are hosted on our server where you can keep them for free for 60/90 days, to have all the time to look for a new host.
We can host them forever on your behalf against a very small fee to agree together, if you like while, should you need any help to get them moved elsewhere, you can get it for free as well (we'll pay someone to take care of it as an additional free bonus).

You'll gain permanent ownership over both domains and website contents.
We're offering the pair against a single "low quality" LLL.com

We can surely use an authorized escrow service to handle the deal with fee at our charge so no worries about that.

If interested, PM or reach us in live chat at: www.DomainEmpire.com , thanks
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