auctions 2 of the best Spanish domains: Airport ( + Computer (

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Jul 11, 2011
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Both of these domains are featured in Sedo's Great Domains auction, which began today, January 16.

406 million people speak Spanish as their first language.
360 million people speak English.
Spanish is #2 worldwide, right after Mandarin Chinese.
1 out of 14 people.

"Airport" in Spanish ("Flights" in Spanish) sold for $16,000.

Business Model #1: Orbitz, Priceline, Travelocity, etc.
Business Model #2: Charter flights, private jets, etc.
Business Model #3: Pilot training
Business Model #4: BrandableYou don't book a flight or get anywhere without visiting an airport.
In South America, Mexico, Spain, and among Hispanic Americans
here in the USA, you go to "el aeropuerto" in order to take a vacation,
go on a business trip, and get back home again.

It's a massive industry -- with a lot of money in play.


"Computer" in Spanish ("Computer" in French) sold for $12,000.

All of the internet is built on and viewed with computers.
"Computer" is the most important word for selling devices,
but it's also important for other services
and a great brand for something like SEO or web design.

What are you looking at right now?

Answer :
A computer.
Tablet or mobile phone -- those are computers too.


Is .NET worth anything?

Answer: sold in September for $150k sold in October for $60k sold for in October $28,750 (which is Italian not English) sold in October for $10k
Recently Adam Dicker (who owns DNForum) reported selling for an $XXX,XXX amount.


Are Spanish domains worth anything?

Yes. Spanish domains are selling. Look at these past sales -- one of them from last Wednesday:

Sold 2 days ago at GoDaddy Auctions


(the French word for "computer" in the SAME extension)


("Hotels" as a .INFO)
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