external 2018BestCar.com - Website for sale. New Car Models. Traffic 350-400 p/mo

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This domain name is for sale external to DNForum and per the conditions of the original post.


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May 21, 2021
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Link: 2018bestcar.com

Description: 2018BestCar.com - Blog. More than 700 posts. New Car Models 2018-2021 - Reviews, Release Date, Prices, Specs. Wordpress. Automotive industry. Unique design and content

Domain Registrar: Godaddy
Domain Expiry: 2021-11-20
Site Established July 2016

Revenue: I haven't monetized the site in any way.

Traffic: For the last 3 months: Unique Visits: 350-400 p/mo Page Views: 500-600 p/mo
Organic Search 84%

Payment Options: Paypal, Cryptocurrency. You can suggest your own payment method.

Starting Price: $600

Increment: 50$

BIN: $1200

Auction ends 01/06/2021


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