247366.com - the only numeric domain for a business open 24, 7, 366!

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Oct 29, 2008
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247366.com is for sale.

247366.com is the only numeric domain name for sale in the world that represents a domain name business open 24, 7, 366 days per year.

A domain name investor has acquired 247365.com for $150,000 USD or more it appears, and that domain name will be used in the future as a intuitive and symbolic portal for a numeric-based development.

Regarding the significance of the number 247366 to life - the year has 24 hours in a day, 7 days per week and 366 days per year, which includes the leap year, and the domain name could be used for research and development into the most exceptional of leap years, that happens every four years with the next leap year in 2016.

If you observe, the sale of 247366.com will be timed perfectly two years before the next leap year on 28/02/2016. We anticipate that traffic on this unique day will be tremendous on 247366.com.


Being the only leap year .com domain representing the hours and days of a week, we would invite offers over $xx,xxx USD.

Please let us know if our price expectation is correct by submitting your initial high offer for our domain.

Alternatively, if you could help us to broker our domain 247366.com - please let us know.

24, 7, 366 written in a domain name as 247366.com Will Take Off!

PM or Post offer!
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