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appraise 330818.com 330919.com Found on list had huge appraisal from Etsi Bot so bought for about $1 a piece. is Etsi Wrong?

This thread is an appraisal of the domain name requested.


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Sep 4, 2023
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Yeah so pretty much was going on a list and everything was going normal until I saw 2 huge number 2 and I saw them side by side so I figured to go ahead and look and see what Etsibot said and again...... huge number for BOTH. I am curious to see what you guys think or even know about them. They both have got hundreds of thousands of SERP thousands of backlinks and I've already looked up the other websites that have links, It's about 20 of them. Half Chinese half American. Any appraisals or information would be greatly appreciated. No broker will talk to me or anyone in authority because they're just numbers.
Oct 12, 2003
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All automated (free and paid) appraisals are meaningless. Even manual ones are only opinions but at least in those cases thought and reasoning can be applied. You can list them in the 'offers wanted' section if you want to gauge reaction to them.

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