news Brokers Successful Sale of for USD$194,500.00


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Dec 19, 2019
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The buyer and seller have elected to remain anonymous.


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Jul 5, 2021
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Sorry but I not believe such big sales, if I visit the web with ad blocker the page is damaged similar to when I visit Bodis parked domains, only here I see some blue links like damaged old 1990 website, so if i disable ad blocker the page display "This site is for sale" banner and looks like a ordinary website.
I have begin to see the bias behind big sales, I have a feeling that nobody buys expensive domains, they are just like museum artifacts,.
If i remember proper Mr.Rob said a truth by mistake or not mistake, he said something on NP's forum which have ring a bell to me "the registrars are very happy when the renewal day comes" maybe the words were placed in other way but I will never forget it.
I m very disappointed by Domaining industry, no sales until today, only registrars make money from us!
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