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AccuWeb Hosting Affiliate Program

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Aug 31, 2015
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Join AccuWeb Hosting Affiliate program and earn upto $200 USD for each new signups.

What do Affiliate get?
Signup for our Affiliate Program and get amazing benefits.

1. Flat rate high commission starting from $25 up to $200 USD per signup
2. Extended cookie life of 90 days

  • Unlimited Cash Earning Potential
  • Creative Marketing Materials
  • Robust Tracking
  • Easy To Use Dashboard
  • Strong Anti-Fraud Protection
  • Easy Sharing
Select from the wide variety of AccuWeb Hosting creative banners and text links we have provided for our affiliates. Post the creative banner on your site that will best attract your customers to click through and purchase.

[bcolor=#3366ff]More The Referrals, Bigger The Rewards[/bcolor]

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