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info Advertise your Domain Business at DNMUM.com

An informative domain name related thread.


Mar 29, 2014
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I have created a video platform that is free and open to all individuals and businesses that are creating educational video content and talking all things domain names.

Also, here is a category where to upload a promotional video about your Company: https://dnmum.com/categories/promotional-videos/

Create your brand account, build backlinks to your domain business, put brand watermarks on your videos, advertise your brand and services, drive targeted traffic to your website and become even more effective in what you do!

Please let me know if you need any specific categories or any help. The work is still in progress, but the platform is fully operational.

DN MUM - Mum Knows Best!

p.s. DN stands for Domain Name, of course // and MUM ... well, I wanted to have a safe brand + not to compete with others with videos I do at HostMaria, and what is better than Mum? .. mum will never give a bad advice to her child :) So, DN MUM it is :)
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