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AMA with Helmuts, founder of HostMaria, London Domain Summit, $Maria Coin, & owner of DNForum, Acorn Domains forums


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Mar 29, 2014
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Good morning DNForum,

I'm Helmuts Meskonis, and the 1st one to open this AMA (Ask Me Anything) category! I've been on quite the journey in the world of domains and online ventures, and I'm happy to share my experiences and insights with all of you. Wright or Wrong - the time will show :)

A little about me:
  • Founder of HostMaria: started as 20i reseller, signed-up over 10k new users over 2 years, and now offering dedicated servers for custom needs, and planning to become an accredited channel partner of Nominet, Afnic, Denic, DNS Belgium, nic.lv and others.
  • Founder of the London Domain Summit: a B2B convention that brings domain business owners/executives, investors, and experts together to discuss business, the latest trends and opportunities in the domain industry.
  • Launched layer 1 cryptocurrency $Maria Coin (PivX fork): Took me 4 years to get ready to launch it.
  • Recently, I became the proud owner of DNForum and Acorn Domains: Two significant forums in the domain industry that have stood the test of time.
Feel free to ask me anything :) I'm here to answer your questions.

Ask away, and let's jump-start this AMA category.

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