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This is a discussion about another domain name register/company not listed.


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Nov 20, 2012
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I need some advice. I have an issue with Biix support - I sold a domain a few weeks ago there and have transferred it to the customer. I have not been paid for it though. It went via Escrow. Escrow they got paid by the customer. The customer emailed Biix support to say that he received it. Escrow also informed Biix that the customer received it. When I log into my Escrow account the transaction status is saying 'Once the domain name transfer to the Buyer is complete, the inspection period will begin.' So it seems that Escrow have not been 'officially' informed that the transfer has happened. I raised several support tickets at Biix but have not had any reply from them. I think Biix needs to inform Escrow that the transfer has happened.

I have had problems with Biix before regarding my domain names not being approved for sale even though I pointed the name severs to them. I rarely seem to get a response to support tickets with them.

Has anyone here had issues there?

How did you resolve them?
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