calling all Pot Entrepreneurs! Did I hit a Jackpot?!

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Jack Gordon

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Nov 6, 2002
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Welcome to the business, and the forum.

I agree, that your first outing looks slightly better than average for new domainers, but that isn't saying much.

You would do well to listen a lot more than you talk for the time being, and learn everything you can from the experience of others.

I am sorry to say that there are no exceptions to the rule when it comes to having to pay your dues in domaining. Your first several outings at hand regging are doomed to fail, and very little of what you start out with will be relevant in the long view. It is also nearly impossible to see this reality objectively, as you are too close to the situation and have invested a lot into it emotionally.

Listen, observe, learn the lessons of your experience and evolve. Stick with it, but be smart and measured about it, and you'll be fine.

My advice would be to pick the single best one and start developing it. Build a business around it, and start creating value. Maybe that takes the form of a blog or a forum, a leadgen site or a resource page. But make something that helps people and start to monetize your investment now, instead of waiting for natural traffic that may never come.

I wish you the best of luck.


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Feb 21, 2014
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I appreciate all the advice.
I have however continued to purchase domains by hand and i have secured some promising ones such as,,

I see the pot industry trumping the US agricultural Industry by two fold in less than two years. Call me a dreamer but all of the info and evidence is there to support that medical marijuana is the biggest emerging market of all time in the united states.

Think about this...for those who say marijuana has been around for a while consider this...California is not the only state in america and their entire economy was transformed by the new green market. I think alot of people are forgetting that young adults like myself are realizing that weed is a great opportunity to make money in this economy and we see a massive surge in the amount of states now (only very recently) allowing regulated marijuana use for medicinal and recreational purposes.

Once this country opens up the doors to a recreational pot industry, you can bet that you wish you held onto all of your 420 domains. My theory that the prefix 420 will identify all marijuana related domains such like www.420***.com...but thats my wildest theory yet.

I am a VERY seasoned pot entrepreneur and i have been involved in the startup of arguably the biggest high end glass company today, Hitman glass.

I have a ton invested in super rare vintage functional Glass water pipes and i would like to expand my pot portfolio by securing some promising domains.
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