- $5~22/day & 1,000~3,000 Visits/day

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Jun 10, 2007
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Revenue: around $5~22/day ( at Parking )

Traffic: around 1,000~3,000 Visits/day

Traffic source: many links (see the Reputation of Alexa Traffic Rank)
Traffic country: various countries (Germany is major traffic source)

Alexa Traffic Rank

Screen Shot of Stats [April 6, 2013 ~ April 21, 2013]

I have Stats from April 6, 2013, because i had secured this domain at this time.
This domain only has been parked at from April 6, 2013.
So, did not tested at another PPC company.
Some PPC companies will give you more revenues.

BIN: 12K

offers start from 9K

Accept: (Buyer pays the fee)

My Email: guider ( at)

Please email me If you want to know more stats details of the domain.
I will send details stats to your email.
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