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Aug 17, 2022
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Hi guys, there's always been a huge demand for Google News Approved Domains/Sites and most of them are expensive.

I've got Google News Approved Site for sale!
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The site has over 100 news articles at the moment and all of them have been well researched and written by myself.

It is a WordPress site and currently hosted with a reported web hosting provider.

Monetization: The site is monetized with Adsterra on 13/08/2022 and so far it has earned $1.47 (Screenshot attached). I've also submitted the site to AdSense and it'll be approved in a couple of days.
View attachment 221202

Traffic: It has only been 3-4 months and the site is growing because I've mainly targetted low competition keywords with a volume. (Check the screenshot for traffic stats and Google Search Console).
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Price: I'm expecting at least $450 for this site because it has started Google News Approval, monetized with ads, and a lot of keywords are already bringing in traffic.
Web Hosting will be provided along with the site and an email account for Google News as well as AdSense will also be given to the buyer.

Payment Method: Dan (because it's safe and scam free).


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