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Sep 20, 2021
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CoinMall.com: this premium .com domain is now up for sale.
The perfect domain for a storefront, cryptocurrency exchange (like coinmama.com), or a project involving rare physical coins like gold/silver.

In addition to the domain, you will also receive the accompanying Twitter handle @coinmall

The domain was first registered in April 1996 and has only changed hands (by acquisition) once. Initially, it served as an auction site for rare physical coins. In 2017 the domain got acquired to serve as an online mall where customers could pay with cryptocurrency. After sitting dormant for the past couple years, it's now up for sale. Some key info:

  • The current domain registrar is NameCheap. Its expiration date is April 2023
  • Accepted payment methods are: Escrow (dan.com), Wire Transfer, Bitcoin, and any other reliable payment method
  • The expected price range we expect to sell this for is $xx,xxx to $xxx,xxx

Please feel free to make an offer here or send a PM. Happy bidding!
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