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Jun 6, 2004
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Asset sale with $35k+ of content on a website that was part of a business that did $1.9M/yr revenue several years ago. Great for someone wanting to start an online mens brand! Celeb interviews & more!

Reserve Price: $3,000
Increments: $500
End date: Dec. 1st, 2018

A) Seller Bio

My name is Nicholas. I've run companies online since 2004. I've done millions of dollars in sales (and net profit), and like most people, I've also had tough times. I've been fortunate enough to be friends with, and interview, some amazing business leaders over the years. Some notable interviews:

Entreprenuers on Fire - John Lee Dumas' Business Podcast which receives, I am told, several million downloads a month:

My interview w/ Billionaire Investor Jim Rogers:

There are many more (40-50+), but this isn't really about me. This is about you and what I am offering here! I would love to help someone with this unique opporunity!

B) Executive Summary

Basically, this is an asset sale for someone who would like to start a men's publishing company, online magazine, or brand - who wants a huge "headstart".

Through arbitrage, this website and also Grand Ascent (being sold here: ), my women's brand which I am listing separately here, pulled in about $1.9M gross in about a year in a half at one point around 2014-2015. If anyone has access to historical Similarweb or Comscore stats, you'll see the traffic. This website is still able to be used with Adsense now without a problem. Some screenshots are attached, even though, again, this was years ago and the current traffic screenshots you will see in a separate message below.

At this time, I spent a lot of money on writers. At one point we had a staff for both websites. We also hired video talent for some videos you will see on Youtube below.

We began getting pitches and landed several celebrity interviews, which I will highlight below.

In addition, I had several brief, but high quality, documentaries made of really cool stories which are included in this sale. This was from a flimmaker in Chicago.

The bottom line with this is that this has been "on the shelf" ever since the arbitrage stopped (Facebook / traffic sources changed and the #s didn't work out). It's been several years, and I've decided to part ways with these brands.

I fully understand because there is little revenue to speak of, the value here is for the content, brands, websites and basically as a great "kickstart" for someone who'd like their own publishing company! In addition, the reserve is $x,xxx! Hopefully it's a great deal for someone.

C) What's Included

1) - logo, website, domain registered since 2007, brand (pronounced "Danger")

2) Wordpress setup with about 2,941 pubished articles from native English speakers in the US. The average cost per article was roughly $10 per article. About $29,000 was spent on this over several years.

Here are various celebrities or CEOs that we've interviewed and/or gotten quotes from for stories.

You can use this list as a basis to get interviews or quotes from other celebrities or CEOs as well in the future! We have a couple tips on this that may help!

A) Title: Are You Sure You've Got the Right Moves When It Comes to Sex? Here's 14 Things She’s Not Telling You In Bed


Marissa Ventura, President/Certified Matchmaker at

Amy Weicker, Relationship Coach & Self-Help Editor (

Sujeiry Gonzalez, coined 'The Latina Carrie Bradshaw' and 2013 Love Guru on Exitos 93.9FM,

B) Title: Don't Know Where to Invest? Here's 9 Awesome Reasons Every Modern Man Should Put Money Into Real Estate


David Bakke from Money Crashers

Jim Esposito (a real estate agent in Ft. Lauderdale,

Garrett M. Prom (the founder of Prominent Financial Planning)

Todd Lee is a realtor who works for Berkshire Hathaway Home Services in Phoenix, Arizona.

C) Title: Taking a Stand: Compassionate Business Owner Peter Rosenberger Has Inspiring Advice For Budding Entrepreneurs


D) Title: It's Time to Learn What the 5 Most Effective Habits Are Of Successful Men In 2016


David Bradley is a digital marketing specialist from

Gregg Weisstein is one of the three founders of BloomNation

Kyle Erickson is the Vice President of Lucid Public Relations

Stephen Lesavich is both an author and an entrepreneur, having founded his own law firm and award winning publishing company, Coconut Avenue.

E) Title: Here Are 5 Things You Must Understand When It Comes to Crafting the Type Of Body You've Always Wanted


TV Fitness expert and professional fitness trainer & nutritionist Lisa Reed

Clinical nutritionist and personal trainer Jennifer Cassetta

F) Here's a Celebrity Interview we did with Russell Simmons, Founder of DefJam and a multi-millionaire ($xxx million dollar net worth I think):

3) Documentaries that have never been released that are very cool. We created these at the time in the style of VICE News. However, we wanted things that were entertaining and positive for men. These cost me about $4k.

Documentary #1 (in 6 parts):

password: rockwell







Documentary #2:

password: DeAndre

3) A Youtube channel here: with about 2,059 subscribers and about 100 videos.

Here's a Celebrity Interview we did with Russell Simmons, Founder of DefJam and a multi-millionaire ($xxx million dollar net worth I think):

4) A Facebook page:

5) A Twitter page:

*Note: I'm selling a women's brand that is similar, but for women called Grand Ascent as well: ... If you buy both, I can include the theme for wordpress and plugins. But, if you don't, you may have to buy your own theme purchase code and plugin (SNAP Autoposter and perhaps NGG gallery plugin) purchase code which are very low cost ($xx)

Thank you and good luck!


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Jun 6, 2004
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BIN Set to $2500 for this! Looking to sell this week!!
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