Do I need to go thru to change registrant/registrar for .PT names?



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Dec 20, 2007
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If you buy a .PT domain and want to move it to a different registrar, do you need to do it thru ( equivalent) ? I'd be changing both registrant and registrar at the same time. Or do you just transfer it to a new registrar like you would with simpler .ccTLDs ? It looks like actually considers the change of registrant as the major event, just like stupid does with its tons of paperwork to be scanned by the new owner (and also to be signed by the previous one), whereas if the same owner transfers his domain to a new registrar it's a lot simpler, I just want to be sure...

Also, will I just be paying for the move to a new registrar with the exp date staying the same, like with other ccTLDs

What .PT registrars do you recommend btw, (other than EuroScam (aka EuroDNS), I won't touch that one), so few of them even support this newer ccTLD. Thanks ! :)
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