Domains being added to Sedo that dont belong to me???



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Apr 22, 2022
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Hopefully someone can shed some light on a problem I ran into today. After reviewing the names I have listed on my Sedo account, I found about 25-30 names that have been added to my account without my knowledge None of these names belong to me. Oddly, most of the names closely resemble a name in my Sedo account that I do own. A good example would be that the name that does not belong to me is the plural version of the name I own. However, there are also a few names that are completely random "oddball" names. Also, several names that I do own have disappeared from my Sedo account. Fortunately, these names are still registered to me with my registrar.
Has anyone ever experienced or heard of such a thing? It has me baffled! Why/how would names be getting added to my account? I even received an offer on one of them....
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