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Jul 11, 2011
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I'm running a few dozen Flippa auctions. For a complete list, PM me.
Many of them are for groups of 2, 3, 9, or 16 domains.
Many have no reserve.
Many (like started at $1.
Domains forward to the Flippa listings. +
2 domains
0 bids still

For those of you outside the USA, these are the most common terms for drunk driving:
DWI = "Driving While Intoxicated"
DUI = "Driving Under the Influence"

Drunk Driving is HUGE in terms of lead generation.
Lawyers in this niche pay a LOT in CPC to advertise.
Look at the CPC data I've compiled in the Flippa listing.

Ultra-short. Ultra-personal. Perfect for displaying on billboards or in AdWords.
13 bids
Still just $55
No reserve

Don't get so distracted by .GURU that you forget programmers have created most of the internet!

Programmable Calculators
Programming and Programmers
Customizable User Interfaces
0 bids
Worth a closer look

You're scratching your heads about this one.
What you don't know is that Fibonacci Retracements are a mathematical technique ONLY used by serious investors in the stock market, forex, etc.
They search for "fibonacci retracement" all the time.

So if you want to attract sophisticated, affluent technical traders to a website, this laser-focused domain is a perfect way to do so.

Superman is invulnerable. Why not me?

Cyber security.
Home security.
I can imagine this one in a TV ad.
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