epik Epik Holdings Announces Acquisition of Kobalt Media!

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Gene Fedele

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Dec 2, 2021
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Expanding Kobalt Media into Full-Service Digital Marketing Solutions Agency.

Kobalt Media's acquisition by Epik Holdings enhances the value and capabilities of both companies and enables us to provide a full suite of products, technologies and services that's quite unique in the marketplace—from domains, hosting, and custom development to SEO, award-winning digital design, and creating brand advocates for clients.

“The addition of Kobalt Media complements our portfolio of technologies and businesses. Kobalt provides essential services that enable us to be more comprehensive in our goal of empowering customers in the digital world,” says Epik CEO, Rob Monster.

On Kobalt's new website is a really cool automated marketing assessment tool for businesses—the Kobalt "Scorecard". It analyzes and calculates digital ecosystem performance across 7 critical areas of digital marketing and online technology: Reputation, Social Media, Listings, Website Performance, SEO, Ecommerce, and Online Advertising. [Press Release: https://bit.ly/366jm20] #kobaltmedia #Epik #BeEpik #Marketing #digitalagency #Domains #Hosting


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Sep 28, 2012
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