Getting the runaround from Sedo

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Feb 16, 2009
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So I'm trying to get an issue resolved with Sedo and having no luck even getting a good number to contact the right department. I feel like I'm getting the runaround.

I call the phone number they have listed and the people there say they can't help. I need to talk to someone in the accounts receviable department. I ask if there's a number to reach them at. No, I have to open a ticket online.

So I open a ticket on their website asking my questions as well as ask for a phone number to reach the correct department at. I also give them the option of calling me so they can do that at their convenience. I have resolving semi-complicated issues through email since things often get messed up.

I get a response answering one of the questions but no phone number to reach them at.

I respond asking a couple more questions about the situation and Again asking for a phone number to call them at. This email tag is getting annoying and I'd really like to work this issue out over the phone.

I get an email back saying I can call them to discuss it. No phone number given though...and as I said before the people at their normal number say they can't help with this issue.

So I email them again explaining that I would like the number for the correct department so I can talk to someone. I tell them the number I called before said they couldn't help me. I get a response stating that I can call them but since the correct department is in Cologne there will be a time difference so they'll be difficult to reach. Again, no phone number is given.

At this point I feel like I might as well be banging my head up against a wall over a $50 issue. Is this normal for Sedo to do? I hate to think how difficult it'd be to deal with them on a bigger issue if this is normal for them...

Anyone have any suggestions? Are there any Sedo reps on DNForum that might be able to help me get in touch with the correct people over the phone? Thanks ahead of time for any suggestions or help on this.
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Jun 17, 2008
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You will be banging your head against the wall. The customer service is shocking if something is wrong. All you can do is keep banging in the hope thy take on more competent staff that actually understands the query.

Good luck getting your issue resolved
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