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Feb 4, 2009
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Hi Ya All

I haven't been here for a while but a birthday reminder prompted me to comeback for a gander (look)

Having a serious think about starting .......via vbulletin, i think a music forum should be nice and virbrant considering there is always something happening and also plenty that has already happened ..... example another one joins the twenty seven club ?????

Now don't shoot me down in flames but i have put a little bit of time into developing a .biz site , i just just felt it suited the extension


I think the ebook market is still in the early days and perhaps if you find a niche you may do ok ????

All i know is at some point if you are not happy with your parking revenue you have to try and get something going, another one i am looking forwards to trying to start up is NewYorkCityHotelBookings/Com ...... recent hand reg

Any suggestions for a good travel affiliate program ..... lot's out there

Ok Thanks !

Enjoy your day

: forgot to say if you want a free read (fiction) go to JackUgly.Com and grab a free read ...all reviews much appreciated !
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