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GiganticWebsites: We Build Sites With Thousands of Articles (30% to 50% DNForum Discounts)


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Mar 26, 2008
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Been a while, don't think I've logged into my DNF account since my son was born... and he's now 4, heh!

Will keep things short and simple: I am Andrei from One Minute Economics, used to run DomainingTips back in the day and my most recent project is GiganticWebsites.

With GiganticWebsites being a service through which we create genuinely useful websites with hundreds or thousands of articles for you (recent examples include How.To, Investing.co, DN.org, CoffeeBlog.com, Beads.co and many more).

Furthermore, I did not come empty-handed.

On the contrary, I have created a page with discounts that range from 30% to 50% for DNF members, one which can be accessed over at giganticwebsites.com/dnforum.php.

The page in question will remain live until one person places an order. First come, first served.

After someone has taken advantage of the deal, the page will be removed. From time to time (hopefully once per week or so), it will be brought back, yet again for one person. Rinse and repeat, as bandwidth conditions permit.

Additional examples of projects we have finalized and more details about what we can do can be found on the main site as well as on the DNF discount page.

Looking forward to turning your best domains into websites you can be proud of!
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