Go-Daddy names. Parked at Sedo. Making at least $1 per month.

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Sep 24, 2005
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I bought some names from the other thread I started, but it is real quiet here, and I can see that selling names at any price on the forum is very hard. So I will keep most of those names I bought in the vault.

Now I am looking for names that are:

1) Registered at Go-Daddy
2) Parked at Sedo
3) Make at least $1 per month on average
4) Dotcom

The PPC needs to come from type in traffic, even if the traffic is small and the PPC is low. Therefore the name needs to make sense and be a dotcom. I am not going to give a specific multiple that I will pay, because there are too many variables. There can be a huge difference between two names making $2 per month.

If you have names not at Go-Daddy, or not parked at Sedo, but they get decent PPC and are dotcom, then I will take a look, but my priority is Go-Daddy names parked at Sedo, since that is where I will be parking the names.

As long as the name gets some sort of type in traffic, and makes a little bit each and every month, then I will take a look. Also, if you have something realy nice that legitimately makes good money every month, then go ahead and send the name and your price. I am capable of big buys when the time is right.

Send names, PPC info, and prices. Thanks.
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