Hon Chong, Hon Vo Nha Trang


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Jan 27, 2016
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Hon Chong, Hon Vo Nha Trang

Hon Chong, Hon Vo Nha Trang
200 km coast of Khanh Hoa has 200 islands and islets scattered. Including more than 100 belonged to the Spratly Islands, the archipelago at the easternmost point of the country, land of the first Vietnamese to receive the morning sun. And the remaining islands are scattered in the Nha Trang Bay, Bay Van Phong and Cam Ranh Bay.
Chong rock, where you can swim, could be mountain climbing, while watching the sea. This is a complex with various large rocks shaped, stacked high running from the shore into the sea like a giant hand had been arranged and created in a playful puzzle. A group of smaller stones, situated at the foot of the eastern hill, called Mount Vo.
There are many interesting legends revolve around the time Chong rock, especially on a strange big stone blocks situated on the highest peaks of Chong rock has imprinted a giant hand deeply imbedded in rock, enough both palms and 5 fingers, as if newly created youth paint, barely frozen ice, made a giant hand rails dug in, leaving traces to date nay Chonh rock is a peninsula in the northern city of Nha Trang . Locals distinguish two large rock clusters, consisting of layered rock layers overlap, a village situated on the banks of the Cu Lao police, one located under the sea, is called separation and Chong rock, Vo rock.

Chong rock area is run straight from the rocks into the sea on the shore higher under the arrangement as a puzzle of nature. People can slip through the rocks, climbing over large rocks natural stones erected on small, protruding like going to overturn. There are tiny rock suddenly sit proudly sit on the rock era, welcomed the sea. There are several rock Continental input form an arch. Hamlet in the sea ice consists of large rocks stacked layers, layer sink, float on water classes, suffered major wind billow above the rocks did not waver
And there are sunken rocks in the middle of the immense rock. Hamlet is located on the sand also has a large stone emerging as the mound. Especially on the biggest rock with a relatively flat face seaward deeply imprinted in stone marks a giant hand with five fingers questioning again. Legend has it that a giant to this country for sightseeing, met group of fairies was in the shower, he stopped watching drunk and accidentally slipped and fell, he hastily clung to mountain slopes that fall, knocked down to His left hand marks etched in stone. Footprint slipped five fingers well enough to leave traces in the area springs Tien.
Bathing in the spectacular surroundings of this very interesting. It gives us excitement and novelty rather than just bathing in beach sand sloping normal. On this occasion, visitors also can not fail to visit the Temple Ponagar north mouth of the Cai, an architectural monument of Cham typical places of worship Thien Y Ana (Mother Land Department) for Chong rock Thap Ba just about crushed percent tired
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