How Mountain Climbing Multi-Tasking Super Mom Tessa Holcomb Achieves Peak Performance at Work & Play


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Jul 15, 2002
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A new Cover Story is out at It is a profile of Founder & CEO Tessa Holcomb. The popular domain brokerage company was originally launched as in 2010, but a couple of years ago the firm adopted their current brand name. While Igloo is a cool name it is a bit ironic considering the personable Founder & CEO is such a ball of fire! Tessa is a mountain climbing, multi-tasking Super Mom who manages to achieve peak performance in both her work and family life. The latter task may be the toughest considering she and her husband John have three very active boys to keep busy. You can read Tessa’s entire story, including the crucial role her parents played in making her the woman she is today, at this link: .
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