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Dec 23, 2020
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:cool: A webmaster in 2021 is a kind of jack of all trades who is trying to keep everything under control in order not to miss anything and finally identify a profitable bundle. Though there’s still plenty of reason to somehow shorten this routine, which is why today’s article contains info about an affiliate’s typical day and a couple of tips that’ll help save a few hours of your time and free up time for lunch and dinner.

😄So then, morning. You just woke up and immediately opens the laptop, since stats won’t check themselves. And when the window finally loads you see that you got 0 leads. You move on to Facebook and see the same ol’ same ol’ — a fresh batch of bans. Well what are you gonna do? Message your usual seller and buy a fresh pack of accounts, sprinkle some business managers on top and get to attaching them to each other. At the same time you get in touch with your designer and tell him to adjust the creatives a bit so that they don’t get Mark’s panties in a twist. Also send the pixel code to your programmer, because we have new accounts, and without tracking, you’ll never get into the black.

☕Lunchtime. Or rather С-ration time - you gobble down a couple of crude sandwiches (an excellent choice that your stomach will remind you of in a few years time), wash them down with a cup of coffee — since there’s no way you actually got a good 8 hours and continue where you left off: need to check the proxy, attach new payment cards and assemble ad campaigns. Considering there’s 7 of them to launch, time flies fast. Don’t forget to also send the designer the adjustments and test out the pixel to make sure it works properly and finally set it all up.

Take a look outside - evening. Day productivity tends to zero, meaning you need to use the remaining time to look for new info and just check the market situation in general. Naturally, you also got to check moderation and hope to God you’ll finally be able to pass it. In total, every affiliate spends at least 3 hours every day dealing with routine ad campaign launching tasks. But what if you could cut that number down to 30-40 minutes?

Tip #1 — delegation. Sure, you can design the creatives yourself, borrow a landing page from one of your competitors, but an experienced affiliate knows exactly how precious their time is and they won’t be caught dead doing such nonsense. That’s why you just hire specialists for all your mini-jobs.

Method #2 — automate the process. If you work with Facebook just start using Dolphin. Let’s go ahead and showcase it using an example: the affiliate spends several hours linking business managers, cards, takes the time to make creative unique, picks out texts and waits for the account to load. Sure, you should always keep a chart with the added accounts and keep track of your expenses. It takes 2-5 minutes to authorize and verify an account, to link everything up - 10 minutes and up, to create 1 ad campaign - 7-10 minutes, to check 1 account post moderation - 1-2 minutes. And when an account gets banned, you get to do it all over again with the new one. And don’t forget you need to launch dozens of accounts simultaneously, which becomes just physically impossible. This is a vicious circle with no days off and no steady traffic. But if you use Dolphin, you need to go through the authorization procedure only once through any multi browser account you plan to keep working with, and then add the remaining accounts in the form of a list to Dolphin, at which point the service automatically detects and loads ad accounts, business managers, statuses and account details. To launch an ad for your offer, it needs to select all accounts in a single click and set up the parameters of the ad campaign only once. The amount of time and effort you save is colossal.

Method #3 — planning. To make it easier to get started, schedule a certain number of tasks for the day that you can complete in the coming days. That way they won’t constantly “spill over” into the next day and cause you problems. For example, plan no more than 10 launches for a day or two.
Services to make life easier

  • Phone notes — simple and effective, you can also use them to make checklists. A great choice is to categorize your notes and use a specific background for each one.
  • Trello — a cloud service in the form of a board with task cards. Trello has simple and convenient features, you can set checklists, select urgency labels, add files and links. The service will be useful for both solo affiliates and teams.
  • Google Docs and Google Sheets — well-known services where you can create your lists or use templates, including an investment tracker, budget table, to-do list, diary and event planner.
  • MindMap — useful for those who like to visualize large tasks that are divided into subtasks.
  • Todoist — a planner service. It can be used not only for work-related tasks, but also for personal ones.

Good luck, break the routine, don’t let it break you, use the methods that speak to you the most. Hope your ROI stays high and bundles stay profitable!
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Oct 25, 2021
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Anyone want to pay me for sleeping, sign me up! Charge extra for branded pillows.
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