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Sep 24, 2005
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How To Get A Deeper Voice -

- WordPress blog
- 5 unique articles/blog posts that I created myself
- Deep Voice Mastery product review video included
- Site is only a few weeks old and was previously an active website back in 2010.
- Google Analytics data is minimal because I only recently installed Google Analytics on the site. Please assume that this site has minimal traffic. If you want access to Google Analytics, please PM me your email address.
- Domain is registered with NameCheap

Previous owner of the website also uploaded a YouTube video linking to back in 2010 - this video currently has 70,427 views:

This video has the following rankings in YouTube:
- 3rd for deep voice exercises
- first page for how to deepen voice
- first page for how to make voice deeper

ClickBank stats / hops:

As you can see, it's already getting a decent number of hops.



How is it monetized?

ClickBank. Website promotes the "Deep Voice Mastery" product on ClickBank which pays a commission of ~$27.00 per sale. The website can be easily updated with your own ClickBank affiliate link.

Does this site come with any social media accounts?

Yes. This vimeo account is included with the sale:

Also, the review video as seen from the link above is included with the sale.


Buy It Now Price: $40.00

Payment accepted via PayPal.

Please PM me ASAP if you are interested. Thank you for looking.
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