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Dec 20, 2020
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Here are some ideas to get a domain sale easily in the global market:

1. List your domain in all markets including Dan, Epik, Sedo, Afternic. As more markets you list your domain in, you will get more reach to the buyer. If you have a good brandable name, you may also try SquadHelp or BrandBucket.​

2. Find out the expired domains and look for the correct spelling. And make sure you are not being confused with 'upper I' and 'lower l'. This is a common mistake people do.​

3. Try to find a two-word English domain. For this, you can take the help of NameInvestors or Expireddomains.​

4. Try to stick with .com extension. .com gets more sales than other extensions.​

5. Avoid gerund or past participle forms of words. And try to avoid plural form and 'the' before a word. Those get sales but usually are less appealing.​

6. Add your domain to NameLiquidate Market today to sell domains below $100 in less time. It will promote your domain for free and there is more chance of getting a quick sale.​

But remember, Patience is a key qualification of successful domainers.​

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