Is .Realty the next .VC?


robmonster CEO
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Aug 15, 2010
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Many domain investors have done very well with .VC domains, notably when Epik did a bulk promo at $4.99. These .VC domains often sold for mid and high 4 figures and even 5 figures for individual domains, thereby quickly recovering their investment. This has been a success story to the point of becoming a popular Twitter meme....

As I see, it, the .REALTY domain extension is shaping up to be a similar story for the vast real estate profession which can increasingly not secure a short and/or memorable .COM.

Last year Epik partnered with .REALTY to offer a fantastic promo at just $0.99. We even published extensive prospecting lists. Last week, an expiry stream .REALTY domain passively sold for $1000.

At this point, I am sufficiently confident about .REALTY as the emerging logical .COM alternative for realty professionals that Epik decided to back up the truck this week and acquire a portfolio of 11,427 .REALTY domains.

For those unaware, Epik recently negotiated with Donuts a $10 fee for 1-year renewal for .REALTY. Although the multi-year pricing for .REALTY is still being discussed, it looks promising for the .REALTY price point to follow the very reasonable .VC success formula.

In light of the continued robust outlook for real estate economy, we concluded it was a good time to go long and strong with .REALTY. In many markets, the supply of listing inventory is so tight that the value of a single incremental listing pays for the cost of a premium .REALTY domain many times over. Rational people do rational things. currently has many excellent .REALTY domains currently in auction. With the current expiry stream, the quality of inventory there should be excellent for the next few weeks.

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