Legalities/advice - buying a former competitor's domain


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Oct 26, 2015
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Hi all, newb here looking for advice from you seasoned pros! :p

We've discovered that a competitor business (non domaining related) has been dissolved and they've let their domain drop.

We had the idea of registering the name and then responding to enquiries sent to their generic email address, but are unsure of the legalities of this.

We're in the UK and the domain is a nominet .uk address. As I understand it there are laws against 'Passing off' (imitating/ or abusing the good will of another company) - however we do not plan to pretend to be the other company and would respond to any emails by first telling them the other business is 'no more' but that we could help with their enquiry.

Wondering if anyone has experience of this? I know we could just do it, but wouldn't want to register the name and cause ourselves problems! :confused:
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