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Mar 19, 2020
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To our valued Customers and Friends,

This letter is intended to address the recent emails and concerns surrounding COVID-19 and its impact on technology and the domaining sector in particular.

Epik remains open and ready to serve our customers with the same level of active service and positive market confidence that has always defined our work ethic and brand. With relationships spanning more than 100 countries, staff covering five continents, and a vast network of team members working remotely, our dedication to providing 24/7 service and attentive support levels has never been higher. You have our commitment and Epik promise to do everything in our power to ensure there will be no interruptions to the services we provide and that you rely upon.

As we continue to protect the health and safety of our workforce and suppliers during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, I want to assure our customers that we are:

Monitoring our supply chain and partnerships for any potential disruption risks. As of now, we have not experienced any reduction in accessibility and are highly confident for continuity.

Minimizing the risk of transmission through cleaning procedures and training, encouraging VPN-secured work from home when possible, and limiting visitors to our facilities and employee travel.

Extending support provisions and services to clients and partners on a case-by-case basis to help them minimize disruption and any hardships created by short term economic factors.

We have also continued our investment in new resources to further help make the domaining community more recession proof, including promotional periods for $6.99 .com migrations, developing new pathways to connect investors with owners of high value domain names requiring short term liquidity, and providing discounts on our Forever Domain solutions where one fee covers renewal for perpetuity.

For wherever this correspondence may find you, know that both the Epik team and I are praying for your good health and the safe keeping of all those who make up your life and daily activities. As a worldwide community, we face challenges and obstacles in a way that tends to bring out the best in courage, innovation, and human resiliency. May God bless and keep you and yours, and may He direct your steps.

Thank you for your business and support.

Rob Monster
President & CEO
Phone: (425) 366-8810
Fax: (425) 651-2889
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