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MadBeeTech Web Hosting Affiliate Program

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Aug 21, 2014
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MadBeeTech Web Hosting is a 10 year old (as of 2017) web host that provides very affordable, high-quality web hosting and SEO services. Our unique hosting package that includes the automated handling of downloadable file sales makes us a popular hosting choice for ebook sellers. Our SEO services are all one-time plans (no monthly fees) ranging in price from $69 to $800, meaning our SEO services appeal to a variety of budgets.

Affiliates have access to a control panel to review clicks and sales in real-time. Promotional banner ad code is generated automatically for easy copy-paste to your website or newsletter. Affiliates earn up to $100 per sale, with the commission amount based on the cost of the purchased hosting or SEO plan.

Earn up to $100 per Sale!
Long 90-Day Cookie Life
Monthly Payments on the 10th
No Minimum Monthly Payment!
Fast, Convenient PayPal Payments

Read more here: https://www.madbeetech.com/affiliates.aspx
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