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Mar 27, 2011
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Hello All,
Auctioning few names at Godaddy. It starts at just $69. If you are interested in any please participate.
Start: 9/2/14
End: 9/9/14 3pm EST appx.
Venue: Godaddy Auctions.

UPDATE: Added Direct link to the auction page. Just click on the names to go to the auction page. seems to not showing while searching so click on it to go directly to the page. Thank you.

1) - Very nice name., are fully developed sites. Easy Flip.

2) - A vice nice call to action name. It could be used as a SAT score increase or Credit Score increase. Either way both are huge industries. It could be used a Lead Generation name. Lot of potential.

3) - British Virgin Islands... Call for all Travel Lead Generation Experts!!

4) - .net is fully developed.

5) - Farming tours are a hot trend now. With local farms charging for hayrides and offer fruits and vegetable picking.... This is a great name to monetize it as a directory site.

6) - Big Business!! Just google it.

7) - "Tours"names are a easy flip.

8) - .cc is huge in China. Check for recent sales. Very Impressive.

9) - Homeopathy is getting a lot of traction in the US

10) - Terrific name ! Huge potential!!! Today (9/4/14) at $250+ as of this post at GD auctions.

11) - Another nice name.

12) - .com is for sale at $20K. Excellent product name.

Thank you.
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