N-L.com type domain, they are rare! 0-W.com

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May 8, 2006
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I am collecting offers on N-L.com type domain.

According to 3character.com, minimum wholesale price for N-L.com type domains is $650 (updated on 8th December 2009). You can check here: 3Character.com - 3 Character Domain Name Price Guide

Domain name:
0-W .com

If you type in google "from 0 to W" you will receive 4 110 000 results! You can check here: Google

N-L.coms are very rare!

W could stand for Wales, World, Weight, Wellness, Wing, Wind, Wire and so many other words. 0 look like O, or could symbolise none.

Payment could be done via Escrow.com, Moneybookers, Paypal (if you have some reputation here and your account is not 2 days old) or Sedo.com.

Please send your offers via PM, or post it in this thread. Also, i would trade it for good LLL.net or for 3 CCC.coms (from reputable member only as i am aware of problem with so many stolen ccc.com domains) Thank you
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