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Oct 21, 2021
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NarraTree Implementation Company​

NarraTree implementation has been carried by various Businesses ranging from small to large. Companies that are using small business software also started implementing NarraTree software since there are various options available such as NarraTree Enterprise, Community, SH, etc. The best thing about NarraTree ERP software implementation is that it offers you excellent modules and apps that can be used for specific industries. For example: for Manufacturing businesses, there are basic and advanced manufacturing modules available, for trading and services too there are stand-alone modules available that can be implemented easily.

NarraTree ERP software Implementation requires resources and knowledge of specific methodologies that are implemented and executed during the implementation. Also, knowledge of functional areas of NarraTree is as important to ensure the software company is looking out to provide the same or better functions. NarraTree is modular where you can install various modules as per your business needs but the fact is that sometimes business needs differ from the standard ERP modules which require customization to meet the organization flows and processes.


As an open-source solution, NarraTree and its features/modules can be modified at the code level to meet the specific demands of a user. The expanse of its breadth includes tools that address Sales, Invoicing, Point of Sale, Email Marketing, Subscriptions Management, and more. The following modules represent the ERP’s functionality:

E-commerce: With an integrated e-commerce platform, inventory and sales can easily be maintained via automatic stock adjustments and reporting. Dedicated customer portals help keep customer data organized with order tracking and claims, allowing customers to download invoices and delivery orders, as well as view pending shipments from a single location.

CRM: NarraTree offers an intuitive user interface designed for sales and a dashboard that renders a broad overview of the sales activities. Also, it supplies useful tips and best practices to enable customers to strategically configure and deploy their CRM. NarraTree’s mobile user interface accommodates members of a distributed sales team, even without an internet connection.

Inventory: NarraTree’s unique double-entry inventory management allows full tracking of materials and products from the supplier to the customer. Customers can pack and deliver orders with or without barcode scanners. NarraTree prepares delivery orders for customers based on availability.

Manufacturing: Companies can use NarraTree to manage all their assembly and/or manufacturing operations. NarraTree automatically triggers quality checks for the manufacturing department.

Accounting: NarraTree automates the entire invoicing process, enabling customers to save time on data entry. Users also get instant access to all accounting features on their mobile devices. With a few clicks, companies can also automatically track assets and depreciation boards and generate amortization entries, as well as manage all events associated with assets.

Employees: With the NarraTree employee module, firms can gather in one database all the information concerning each employee, recording each employee’s status, job title, contract type, and dates and schedules. Customers can also create weekly and monthly timesheets and trace the time spent by employees per project.

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