New! Addictive *Idea* for a Text-Based Multiplayer Browser Based Game (Team Needed)!

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Jan 17, 2009
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Hi all I have an idea and from what I can see its unique in its own little way, now there are some fairly addictive browser based game's out there;

For Example:
Mafia Wars (Facebook)
Mob Wars (Facebook)

However in my opinion these are either complicated/slow & strange to progress/lack of features to occupy peoples time, etc...

But I have an idea which has a different genre and other ideas for the game itself.

I dont want to give too much away as it is still in the idea mode but I have always been passionate about getting one up, because the internet gaming/marketing business is the future.

I am here looking for a team to make this work, I understand this isnt a paid project to start off with however any fee's made applicable in the future will be split accordingly between the people who helped make it work. I also understand we have familys and full-time jobs to attend to, so this isnt going to be a FULL-ON/RUSHED project. Therefore I am looking for some passionate and dedicated programmers and designers from all backgrounds who are passionate to make fun and ofcourse money.

My Wishlist:
No more than 7-8 people on the project itself;
People with experience backgrounds in :-
- Game/Graphic Design
- PHP/ASP (unsure what to develop the game in, would like ideas as I am mainly a Website (HTML/CSS) & Graphic Designer / Domain Broker (lol)
- The mentioned will also need to provide their input on the game itself, including features/design and all the rest of it.

Not Essential but Preffered: Please send me a list of skills/examples of any work produced commercially/non-commercially/testing purpouses (anything is handy)

You will also be required to sign and return a Confidentiality Agreement form, for I dont want the games idea to 'get out' if you understand, I will pay P&P that is not a problem, We will also be communicating via Google Wave which I can Invite you too.

Any Ideas/Comments/Suggestions are welcome...

Best Regards,

Peter Bennett
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