NEW Approved by ClickBank Today! Good Ol' Software... Revolutionary Promotion Method!

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Oct 12, 2004
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Hey my product just got approved today by ClickBank!

This is not a new software - it is a good old PHP script that stood the test of time. It helps to build / create SEO aStores on the fly for Amazon affiliates.


I used to sell it for USD 199 via PayPal back then, but have decided to give it away for free (sponsored version) for some time now. It's been a few months and I am getting more and more requests for a professional version (sponsor-free) and so I thought hey, why not I do this via ClickBank and here I am.

Now I thought if I do the same old marketing stuff it'll be too boring so I built this system where YOU (ClickBank marketers) get to generate YOUR own copy of the Free Edition of the script with your ClickBank ID embedded into the software, and when any of the user clicks on the upgrade link (hoplink) and buys the upgrade you get 50% commission (or about $44) for that sale!

You can share / upload YOUR edition of the free software to file sharing / upload sites, torrents, P2P, forums, blogs, etc. You can even encourage your users to help you share YOUR edition of the software (remember your ClickBank ID is still embedded) and make the distribution go REALLY VIRAL for a REALLY LONG TIME.

If you prefer to link directly, our affiliate page will provide you with custom links for you to use. For instance you will get your own custom direct download link with your ClickBank ID and when a user downloads the software via your link, he/she will get your ClickBank ID embedded version!
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