news New marketplace section: 1$ NR liquid domain name auctions

We will be trying out a new concept here at; 1$ opening bid, no reserve auctions of liquid domain names.
The basic idea is that usually liquid domain names are put up for auction with extremely large reserve prices or opening bids. This is prohibitive both to get interest from bidders and sales of any kind.

This new section will feature domain name auctions of liquid domain name.
The auctions must be exclusive to
The auctions must have NO reserve.
The auctions must have an opening bid of 1$.

The domain name featured must be considered liquid.

Staff here at will determine which names are considered liquid, but some domain name categories are considered inherently liquid, these include:
2-4 Letter OR number .com domain names.
2-3 Letter .OR Number net domain names.
2-3 Letter .Co and .IO domain names.

Most one word .com, .org and .net domain names.

To start things off I will be posting a number of CCC.COM domain names during the upcoming weeks. I hope you will help me bring this section to life and make it earn a regular spot in our marketplace.

Visit the new section here:
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