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Dec 6, 2019
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Some time ago I built ntld.bid

It's my take on a domain auction platform, exclusive for newTLDS.
You can learn a lot about it by just visiting the site and reading the 3 information articles.

It isn't finished. I have plans to add:
  • Bulk uploader (via csv template).
  • Display renewal costs transparently/prominently on each auction (automated - no input needed by the user).
  • Custom/default nameservers (nameserver.tools) with the option to apply a pre-made SEO optimized landing page template. That template though would be customizable, for adding content/ads/whatnot. There's a lot to say about this point. I think, this portion will be hosted on another domain, away from the auction site, so that any end-user might offer more than what's listed @ domaining auction. So then - the site, ntld.bid is aimed to sell among other domainers. Still, they may use our landing pages or any other nameserver they might already like using....they get the best of both worlds.
  • a lot of other stuff in my head.
  • anything you might suggest.
So, the meat of it is there and it works. There is an integrated domain management area (using WHMCS). Basically, I can offer domains from any registrar with an API (most of them). This way can fish for the lowest prices at any given time. Explaining everything here isn't possible right off the bat. But, It's real registrar management, only simplified for our purposes. The registrar-side is sperate from the auction-side of the site for security. Any communication between them is 0auth and custom API.

There is a sort of 'crypto' (javascript token) that functions on both sides, the auction site, and the registrar-side. You use the 'credits' for bidding, buying, and renewing domains too. This is to keep everything simple and uniform, as well as protecting us and users from scams.

So if you read the site, deposit and withdraw of these 'credits' is 5% each way. If they choose paypal, I eat 3% of that right off the top. In return, I guarantee the credits are as good as gold, because by me selling them, I assume the risks of chargebacks. (No, I won't be selling 5k to newbies..).

The whole system works well because, in case of any big scam, we can 'undo things', as we have control of the currency AND domains. They will have a heck of a time trying to scam from any direction. Worse case, they send me fake funds, buy some domains..well I just null those auctions and explain to domain owner that a scammer won the auction...unravel. Perhaps even offering him some credits for the trouble.

So you see, when I start to promote this (many methods), I am going to be stuck making sure there is no one scamming me. LOL yeah, I'll do more, improvements etc..I'll have a lot of work.

I need someone now to familiarize themselves with things so they might help in regards to support later down the road (compensated)! There are a few things I could use help with. Nothing like real work right now though, just like the title says. Beta-test, give ideas for improvements.

I can give you some credits to buy a domain, list it...maybe I'll like it and bid :p Test it out for real. So yea, the credits really represent real money in my registrar accounts, so like...obviously I can't give you 100's.
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