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My name is Igor. I am a domain broker and the head of the brokerage service of the IT.COM domain project.I provide a full range of services related to the purchase and sale of domain names (including trademarks), Internet projects and other intellectual property.

We want to place an advertisement on your website for our 3rd level domain zone Get.IT.COM.

I want to request to request the conditions of placement and formats of placement on the site.
Different non-standard terms of sponsorship are possible - offer options.

Placement period - at least 1 year. Interested in permanent placement.
Interested in placing the biggest banners in the most popular areas of the site.
Willing to be placed on the waiting list if these places are filled.

Always available for live dialogue in the Telegram messenger ( Be sure to ask your questions, I will try to answer them in detail.
With respect, Igor.



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Jan 23, 2012
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Hi Igor,

Thanks for your enquiry. We are in the middle of upgrading the ad services here so all ad requests will be handled once that is in place. Thanks for your patience in this regards.

warm regards,
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