Problematic New Dnf Terms Of Service


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Jul 11, 2011
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So today I logged into and was obligated to agree to new TOS.

This particular provision is really excessively broad and deserves to be revised:

"You may not use, reproduce or distribute any forum topics or posted content anywhere other than on"

While I understand the intent is to safeguard member privacy, the phrasing is pretty draconian.

What I'd consider OK:

Asking DNForum members not to republish or circulate DNForum content to a public or mass audience.

What I'd consider Misguided:

Insisting that DNForum members not use DNForum content outside the forum.

After all, the whole point of having a forum is so that content inside it will be useful outside it! If DNForum is useful, then that's true only if DNForum can be used for some purpose other than DNForum. Conversely, if DNForum is a closed system, then it's nearly useless.

I'm splitting hairs for a reason.

What if I want to mention a DNForum thread in some private conversation outside the forum? Then I have distributed content outside the forum, and I'm violating the TOS.

What if I want to record some of the data I'm viewing at DNForum – such as a domain's price – in my own database for ease of reference? Then I'm using DNForum content outside DNForum, and I'm violating the TOS.

What if I'm writing an article and want to reference a DNForum discussion by quoting an excerpt, providing a link, and citing material that is (after all) already publicly viewable? Again, I'm republishing DNForum content and violating the TOS.

And what if – God forbid! – a DNForum member learns something from browsing posts here and USES that knowledge outside the forum in purchasing, selling, or other domain business decisions? Then he has technically violated the TOS.

Sure, maybe DNForum won't enforce this provision in such a broad way. But I'm giving notice that, if I continue to use DNForum as I have always done in past years, then I will be violating this new agreement I've been forced to sign.

Please revise the provision above so that we're allowed to use DNForum outside the forum. Also, rather than expressly banning distribution and republication of DNForum content, please outline circumstances in which that will be allowed. For limited purposes, citing and quoting DNForum content ought to be permitted.
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Simon Byrne

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Apr 7, 2015
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Hi ImageAuthors,

The only changes to the terms of service were made to rules 7 and 12, for which we shortened and made a lot more flexible. All other rules have remained the same as the have been for years. We will be looking over all the rules in the coming weeks and month to help and improve user experience, so thank you for your feedback.

Thank You

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