Putting my new domain name of US.Directory to work.


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Jun 20, 2006
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What's funny is that I bought US.Directory, and I guess USDirectory.com is owned by Yellow Pages. Normally there could be a trademark or cyber squatting problem, but I'm in the collection business (debt buyer and collections), and so I decided to start a people locating service, since part of our job is to skiptrace and locate people. Anyway, I like putting the name US.Directory at the top of my site. It might be a little misleading as people may think I'm affiliated with USDirectory.com, but that's not my problem. I own the name and I have a related business for the domain. So, the name of the actual business is PeepFind.com, which is forwarded to Find-People.org. "Find People" was by far the #1 search phrase, so had to use that domain URL for obvious reasons. Was all there was left for domains and SEO purposes, but around 136k direct monthly matches for "Find People". Search engines don't care about hyphens thank God. And then to top it off, I put US.Directory all over it for added credibility. What do you think? https://www.find-people.org.

Any thoughts on using US.Directory like that?
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