Real 'Threat' to Centralized Domains Storms in!

Dec 6, 2019
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I have been outspoken about ICANN. But more, warning what is coming. That is a fully decentralized internet (DNS too, ofc).

Now, we have ICP coin. If you invest in internet 'domains', you might really consider the future, instead of the past. To be clear, I am no shill for anyone. I don't own a single handshake or ETH domain. Actually recently, I've been investing in online-game NFT items, but that's something else...



“In short, Dfinity hopes that it will offer the first truly global blockchain network that runs at the top web speed with unlimited scaling features to support any volume smart contracts computation.

“If the IC succeeds at replacing legacy IT, there would be no need for centralized DNS services, anti-virus, firewalls, database systems, cloud services, and VPNs either,” noted Mira Christanto, researcher at crypto analytics platform Messari.

Dfinity proposes decentralization by introducing a unique consensus model dubbed as Threshold Relay, coupled with its Blockchain Nervous System to ensure algorithmic governance.”

Meanwhile, ICP serves as a native asset to the Internet Computer. Its role within the platform involves staking that allows users to participate in the Blockchain Nervous System and security deposits that allow private entities, including client software and cloud networks, to connect to the Internet Computer’s public network.”


This is for real. Within 2 days, it has a $37b valuation, making it the 8th highest MktCap cryptocurrency.

Look beyond 'monetary value', or a 'medium'. This blockchain, it's bigger than that. It's going to replace everything. Be sure, decentralized internet is coming. The ambitions are real. the needs are clear.
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