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Bulloney and Biscuit
May 22, 2018
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Interesting story behind sale of NakedCourt.com for $1,499 back in March, 2021. In 2018 I was sitting on a murder trial in Virginia Beach when I remembered watching a great sitcom series, "Night Court" that ran from 1984 to 1992. One evening after a day of testimony etc. I come home and hand register NakedCourt.com and NakedJury.com. Imagine my surprise when I hear from GD that someone had bought my domain NakedCourt.com and paid full retail for it.

Curious i kept trying to see if anyone ever developed it and just a week ago Voila! The guy who developed it had his idea in January 2021 and raised over $20,000 via Kick Starter to promote his invention (a card game) about "The Emperor's New Clothes".

If you check out the site you'll see the fantastic art work created for Naked Court, and can read the story behind it. You can also read about the Kick Starter promotion.

Bigger than the sale (one of my better sales), it was meeting the developer and inventor of Naked Court. We've become pretty fast friends and may partner on some future projects. I'm always looking for entrepreneurs like myself to partner with, and can you imagine the probability of something like this occurring....it had me register just yesterday, ItPaystoPartner.com.....yes I know it's too long, but no one besides professional domainers even care. This still remains the most screwed up industry on planet earth;)
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