Sam Altman of Y Combinator Says We're In a Mega-Bubble That Can't Last


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Dec 7, 2005
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Hi Guys

Some economics news for you. Sam Altman of startup accelerator Y Combinator thinks we're in a mega-bubble that can't last. He is saying that the low-interest capital being made available is causing vast overinflation of values right across economic sectors, not just in the tech sector. Here's the article:

There's no doubt there's another tech bubble now, but it's quite different from the tech bubble of 2000. Who does much personal planning to mitigate risks from the wider economy?


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Oct 18, 2006
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Domains and bitcoin offer ways to protect against the inevitable financial collapse.

Only so much money can be printed out of thin air before the currency collapses.

If only the UK and USA could do what Iceland did - then the infinite bubble cycle could end...

At this stage, it is going to require a miracle for a sound monetary policy to be reactivated. (Like all the central banksters in London being eradicated and the Federal Reserve being abolished)
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